Boone County Animal Shelter will be hosting their 3rd annual Pawapalooza event on October 4th from 10am – 6pm.  There will be a lot of activities and vendors there, including lure coursing (see an example here – DSCF3484), kids activities, a band, a DJ, a silent auction, goody bags, prizes, an evening K9-5K Glow run, and more.

We are heading up the Costume Contest and Dog-a-Thon Games at the event.  Take a look at the flyer for categories and see what you might like to enter.  Here is an explanation of the different dog games:

Doggy Dash – Handler will have to call their dog to them past a finish line and ask them to sit.  So we are looking for a fast recall and a fast sit.

Best Trick – Bring the best trick you have to the event!

Backwards Walk – Dog will walk backwards past the finish line, handler can be in front of the dog.

Tennis Ball Walk – Handler and Dog will Loose Leash Walk past the line with the Handler holding a 1/4 cup measuring cup with a tennis ball past the line.  We are looking at your loose leash walking skills with balance.

Musical Hoops – A la musical chairs but with hula hoops instead.  Handler and Dog will walk around the hoops while music is playing.  Once music stops, handler finds a hoop and asks their dog to sit OUTSIDE the hoop.  Dog must remain sitting until the last person has found a hoop.

Bob for Hotdogs – A la bob for apples but with pieces of hotdogs instead.  Hotdogs will be in a bucket and we will time how many hot dogs pieces your dog can get in a minute.

All these games will involve two or more people, so it is important that your dog is friendly and social to people and dogs.  Prizes will be awarded for each game.  These games are for fun and to promote the human-animal bond.  We hope you will join us there.  We would definitely love to see some of our past and current clients come play!

Pawapalooza Dog-a-Thon Games and Costume Contest 2014-2

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