We come to your home and walk your dog as needed.  Walks are 30 minutes in length.  Training can also be provided on walks as well.  This is limited to the Edgewood area with a radius of 5 miles.IMG_20140103_125559_062

  • Dog Walking fee: $15/30 minutes ($5 for each additional dog)
  • Dog Walking with training fee: $20/30 minutes ($5 each additional dog

Read a testimonial from one of our dog walking clients:

Foxy Jane R.“I can tell Foxy is clicker trained now – excellent work! I love to see her improvements w/you! I was just sitting here reading your note and clicking the pen (unknowingly really) and she sat giving me her full attention. It was pretty amazing to see. The changes in Foxy since you’ve started coming are monumental and are starting to affect our everyday routines very well. I cannot say this enough but thanks for all you do and thanks for helping to improve mine and Foxy’s relationship.  She is a totally different dog with your interactions.”

-Diana Reusch Elsemere, KY